ESO Membership:

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How to apply?

To register with us, please click here

How to Renew?

To renew your existing EMA membership, please click here

The reset your password or to genereate a new password, please click here

and enter the email address used at the time of EMA application.

Required Documents for Membership: 

  1. Passport size photograph on white background
  2. Passport & Residence Visa (Clear Copy)
  3. Medical License from concerned medical authorities in the county (DHA/MOH/HAAD or DHCC).
  4. Recent CV
  5. Qualification Degrees + Experience Certificates

For Registration & Membership Fees, please click here

Please note that your membership request will not be processed unless all documents are provided.

New Membership Fees:

Active Member (UAE National) Affiliated Member (Non-UAE National)
AED 350 AED 350

Annual Renewal Fees (see below table)

Active Member (UAE National) Affiliated Member (Non-UAE National)
AED 200 AED 200

Members should come personally to EMA Office.

  1. Bring either of the following:
  2. Original Passport + Copy (OR)
  3. Lost membership card form
  4. Form should be signed by the applicant only
  5. Complete information
  6. 1 Photograph on white background
  7. Lost membership card fee: AED50

Approval to join an International Medical Association or practice in another country: AED 150

  1. Original EMA membership card with valid date.
  2. Resident Visa.
  3. Experience certificates with duties and responsibilities included from all previous and current positions.

 EMA Membership Certificate FeeAED 150

  1. Original Membership Card with valid expiry date (Original should be presented + Clear Copy)
  2. Resident Visa – all years of residency and employment in UAE (Clear Copy) since joining EMA.
  3. Experience certificates with duties and responsibilities included – from all previous and current positions.

As an EMA member, you will receive the following benefits:

Receipt of the EMA mailbag, which contains information on medical meetings and conferences, held locally and abroad, details of continuing medical education programs and other announcements.

The quarterly Emirates Medical Journal (EMJ), featuring research papers and case reports written by local and foreign doctors, EMJ contains articles on current medical issues, news and information on both the local and foreign medical sciences, a forum page for members to voice their opinions, and professional announcements.

Reduced rates for insertion of professional announcements in the EMA journal.

Reduced rates in participation in all EMA activities, EMA organized workshops, seminars and conferences pertaining to medical and ethical issues in medical field.

 How Can I Join?

You can join online at any time on our secure site, or you can call EMA Member Relations at :

Dubai :           04-2556655
Abu Dhabi :   02-4957017


 How does EMA membership pay for itself in benefits?

With the impressive savings and benefits EMA members receive full text access to EMJ network and print subscriptions to EMJ as benefit of membership.  EMA also offers discounts on scientific meetings and conferences.

With all these member savings, membership in EMA is an easy decision to make.

 Who is eligible to be a member of EMA?

Membership in EMA is open to:
1. Physicians who possesses a medicine degree (MD).
2. Medical Students enrolled in educational programs provided by a college of medicine accredited by HAAD-DHA or MOH in UAE.

If you are a first year student, please enroll through your EMA Medical Chapter Membership.

For further assistance please contact: Dubai 04-2556655 or Abu Dhabi 02-4957017

 What are the different categories of membership?

1. Honorary Membership.
2. Active Membership: UAE Physicians who have earned their doctor of medicine and are practicing in the UAE.
3. Affiliated Membership: Physicians who have earned their doctor of medicine and are residing in and practicing in UAE.

 What is the cost of EMA Membership?

Physicians: Annual regular membership:
· Dhs 350 for a new member.
· Dhs 200 to renew membership.

All dues, regardless of category, are paid annually.

 What are some of the different payment options?

All physician membership categories are eligible.

Thereafter, you will receive a reminder notice each year on your email account provided to EMA. We do not automatically deduct for the next year membership.  If you are paying online, you may choose one of several credit card options. We accept MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. If you submit your membership application and payment by mail, you may pay by cheque or credit card (make your cheque payable to Emirates Medical Association).

♦ When will be asked to renew my EMA Membership?

EMA membership is based on a calendar cycle; so all single year memberships expires on date of issue next year. However, you may renew your membership. If you do not renew, your membership will elapse automatically as well as your benefits of membership.

 How do I update my address or phone number?

You may update , change your information in several ways:

Call EMA Member Relations at Dubai 04-2556655 or Abu Dhabi 02-4957017, or update your changes (along with your  name, date of birth,  medical school and year of graduation) through our secure site.

 Who should I contact with questions about my membership?

Members with questions about EMA benefits, services can call EMA Member Relations at 04- 2556655 or 02-4957017, or you can email our member relations representative at